JAMfest Europe
Liverpool, ENG June 25-26, 2016
The Hallo JAM
Evansville, IN October 22, 2016
The JAMfest
Louisville, KY October 29, 2016
The Country JAM
Nashville, TN November 5, 2016
The Badger JAM
Madison, WI November 12, 2016
Just Dance!
Madison, WI
The Marquee JAM
Branson, MO November 19, 2016
The Turbo JAM
Indianapolis, IN November 19, 2016
The Excite JAM
Pittsburgh, PA November 19, 2016
Just Dance!
Pittsburgh, PA November 19, 2016
Lite Detroit
Warren, MI November 20, 2016
The Turkey JAM
Hot Springs, AR December 10, 2016
The Winter JAM
Lexington, KY December 17-18, 2016
Just Dance!
Lexington, KY December 17-18, 2016
Denver Nationals
Broomfield, CO January 14-15, 2017
The Cajun JAM
Baton Rouge, LA January 14, 2017
JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals
Indianapolis, IN January 21-22, 2017
Just Dance!
Indianapolis, IN January 21, 2017
The Super JAM
Dayton, OH January 28, 2017
JAM Bash Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL January 29, 2017
The Wacky JAM
Council Bluffs, IA January 29, 2017
The Bam JAM
Birmingham, AL TBD
JAM Bash Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA February 4, 2017
JAM Bash Nashville
Nashville, TN February 4, 2017
JAM Bash Mobile
Mobile, AL February 5, 2017
The Magic JAM
Norfolk, VA February 5, 2017
The Blues JAM
Southaven, MS February 11, 2017
The Cactus JAM
Phoenix, AZ February 11, 2017
Kansas City Nationals
Kansas City, MO February 18-19, 2017
JAMfest Canada
Brampton, ON February 18-19, 2017
Shreveport Nationals
Shreveport, LA February 18-19, 2017
JAMfest Dance Super Nationals
Cincinnati, OH February 18-19, 2017
Tulsa Nationals
Tulsa, OK March 4-5, 2017
JAM Bash Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN March 4, 2017
The Cool JAM
Syracuse, NY March 4, 2017
JAM Bash Biloxi
Biloxi, MS March 11, 2017
Louisville Nationals
Louisville, KY March 18-19, 2017
Boston Nationals
Lowell, MA March 25-26, 2017
JAM Bash Kissimmee
Kissimmee, FL April 1, 2017
Hot Springs Nationals
Hot Springs, AR April 1-2, 2017
The Liberty JAM
Philadelphia, PA April 2, 2017
Just Dance!
Philadelphia, PA
Richmond Nationals
Richmond, VA April 8-9, 2017
Sevierville Nationals
Sevierville, TN April 8-9, 2017
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"Where to start?! The service was impeccable. Sarah Hawk, Becca, and Griffin were great! It is nice to be treated like you are important to them. Being a new program we have felt pushed to the side by other companies, and this is not the case with JamFest. Thank you for making us feel just as important and taking the time to always make sure we are taken care of, especially when we ask a million questions because we are new.

The service by each staff member was great and we are looking forward to attending Super Nationals, and LIVE! later this season, as well as keeping JamFest on our schedule again next season.

I enjoyed the emcee, his energy during awards even when it's taking a little bit to get standings was entreating. With fun songs by the DJ and him keeping the kids going, we really enjoyed being there."
"Becca did a great job at coaches "Check-In"
Griffin, was great to work with in the "Warm-up" area. All and all you have very good staff to work with!"
"Becca and Garrett were awesome. Everyone was awesome and helpful. We will for sure be attending more!!"
"I really enjoyed Griffin in the warm up area, one of my better experiences with warm ups. It was simple easy and he was a great personality for keeping things light and fun!"
"Natalie was very nice in the scoring area. That is a tough job, and she stayed pleasant all day."
"My squad has three wheel chairs. They made the girls feel like queens when they helped them on stage."
"Becca was so helpful in pre competition and check in.
Her suggestions and help was encouraging!
Thanks :))"