Registration Deadline:

Registration Deadline:
Register for JAMfest Events
All fees must be paid prior to event. 30 days prior to an event a late fee (15% on 1 Day Events & 10% on 2 Day Events) will be applied to registration pricing. To avoid late fees at least 50% of balance must be paid by this 30 day deadline. All pricing is per athlete.

• Crossover fees are 75% of pricing* (ex. $100 registration fee = $75 crossover fee)

*In an effort to make tracking crossovers as easy of an experience as possible for your program in our new registration system, all crossovers will now be 75% of the event price regardless of how many times they compete. To this point crossovers have paid 100% of registration fees for their first team, and 50% for the next, for a total of 150% registration for 2 teams. Moving forward - they will pay 75% of the event price for each time they compete, for a total of 150% registration for 2 teams. This was done so that we could remove rostering from your registration experience to create a simpler and more enjoyable customer-friendly and easy experience. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your JAMcare rep.

• Prep Team fees are 25% off for 2-day events ONLY (ex. $100 registration fee = $75 Prep team registration fee).

• School & Rec fees are 10% off of pricing (ex. $100 registration fee = $90 School & Rec fee).

• Exhibition, Collegiate, & Parent Team fees are 75% off of pricing (ex. $100 registration fee = $25 Exhibition, Collegiate, Parent Team fees).
Price Per Athlete 1 Day Admission 2 Day Admission Specialty Divisions
(solos, duets, etc.)
Military - FREE (with ID/no dependents)
Seniors - FREE (65+)
Toddlers and Infants- 4 and Under are FREE!

For the safety and comfort of all who attend our events, no telephoto lenses over 200 MM are permitted at any JAM Brands competition. VIPs are only permitted to photo their team/program after permission from the Program Owner.