JAMfest will have a video company onsite at every event!

They will be onsite selling DVDs and other video products. We will have a photo company taking action shots at select events only! However, you are welcome to bring cameras and video cameras to ALL JAMfest events! We ask that you DO NOT use a tripod, and no professional video cameras are allowed.

JAMfest Japan - Osaka (Dance Only) Osaka JA 9/20-21/14
JAMfest Japan Bash - Nagoya (Dance Only) Nagoya JA 9/23/14
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Louisville KY 10/4-5/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Evansville IN 10/25/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Chicago IL 10/25/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Peoria IL 10/11/2014
JAMfest Japan - Tokyo (Dance & Cheer) Tokyo JA 10/12-13/14
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Topeka KS 11/8/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Nashville TN 11/8/2014
JAMfest Lite Series Detroit MI 11/15/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Indianapolis IN 11/15-16/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Atlanta GA 11/22/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Branson MO 11/22/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Pittsburgh PA 11/15/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Dayton OH 11/15/2014
Just Dance - Louisville Louisville KY 11/22/2014 Order Videos
JAMfest Lite Series Upper Marlboro MD 12/6/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Worcester MA 12/6/2014
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Hot Springs AR 12/13/14
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Lexington KY 12/13-14/2014
JAMfest Lite Series Huntsville AL 12/14/2014
JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals Indianapolis IN January 16-18, 2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Nashville TN 1/31/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Denver CO 1/25/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Tulsa OK 1/31/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Omaha NE 1/31/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Baton Rouge LA 1/24/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Biloxi MS 1/31/2015
Just Dance - Indianapolis Indianapolis IN January 17, 2015 Order Videos
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Dayton OH 2/7/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series St. Louis MO 2/28/2015
JAMfest Dance Super Nationals Cincinnati OH February 13-15, 2015 Order Photos
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Jacksonville FL 2/1/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Shreveport LA 2/22/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Birmingham AL 2/28/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Charleston WV 2/8/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Norfolk VA 2/22/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Kansas City MO 2/21-22/2015 Order Photos
JAMfest Lite Series Southaven MS 2/21/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Phoenix AZ 2/28/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Chicago IL 2/28/2015
JAMfest Canada Brampton ONT 2/14/15
JAMfest Nationals Series Mobile AL 3/21-22/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Syracuse NY 3/7/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Tulsa OK 3/14-15/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Louisville KY 3/21-22/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Hot Springs AR 3/21-22/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Las Vegas NV 3/28-29/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Long Beach CA 3/14-15/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Philadelphia PA 3/14/2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Kissimmee FL 3/21/2015
Northern JAM Blackpool ENG March 8, 2015
JAMfest Japan - Tokyo Tokyo JA March 7-8, 2015
JAMfest Japan - Osaka Osaka JA March 15, 2015
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Pittsburgh PA 4/12/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Richmond VA 4/18-19/2015
Six Flags Thrill JAM Springfield MA 4/25-26/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Sevierville TN 4/11-12/2015
JAMfest Nationals Series Boston MA 4/11-12/2015
JAMfest Nordic Nykoping SWE May 9, 2015
JAMfest Europe Liverpool UNK June 20-21, 2015

DISCLAIMER: JAMfest Events, LLC, Videoworx, Classic Photography and Lockwood Media Group have an official contract in effect in regards to JAMfest photos and videos. These three legal entities own any and all rights to the sale of action photos and video recordings of performances from JAMfest Cheer and Dance Events. Anyone that is caught violating this policy may be pursued via legal remedies. Thank you for your cooperation.