JAMfest! More Than A Competition… It's An Experience!

All fees must be paid prior to event. 30 days prior to an event a late fee (15% on 1 Day Events & 10% on 2 Day Events) will be applied to registration pricing. To avoid late fees at least 50% of balance must be paid by this 30 day deadline. All pricing is per athlete. Crossover fees are 50% off of pricing (ex. $100 registration fee = $50 Crossover fee). Prep Team fees are 25% off for 2-day events ONLY (ex. $100 registration fee = $75 Prep team registration fee). School & Rec fees are 10% off of pricing (ex. $100 registration fee = $90 School & Rec fee). Exhibition, Collegiate, & Parent Team fees are 75% off of pricing (ex. $100 registration fee = $25 Exhibition, Collegiate, Parent Team fees).

Please check back often or contact your JAMcare Rep for more information.

= Denotes U.S. Finals Qualifier/Gold Bid
= Denotes U.S. Finals Platinum Bid
= Denotes Dance Certified
JAMfest Japan - Tokyo (Dance & Cheer) Tokyo JA TBD
JAMfest Japan - Osaka (Dance Only) Osaka JA TBD
JAMfest Japan Bash - Nagoya (Dance Only) Nagoya JA TBD
Just Dance - Louisville Louisville KY 10/3/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Louisville KY 10/3-4/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Peoria IL 10/10/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Evansville IN 10/24/2015
JAMfest Lite Series (formerly Mega-JAM Chicago) Madison WI 10/24/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Independence MO 11/1/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Atlanta GA November/December 2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Pittsburgh PA November 2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Nashville TN 11/7/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Indianapolis IN 11/14-15/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Branson MO 11/21/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Warren MI 11/22/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Upper Marlboro MD 12/5/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Worcester MA 12/5/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Hot Springs AR 12/12/2015
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Lexington KY 12/12/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Huntsville AL 12/13/2015
JAMfest Lite Series Boca Raton FL 12/13/15
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Biloxi MS January 2016
JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals Indianapolis IN 1/15-17/2016
Just Dance - Indianapolis Indianapolis IN 1/16/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Denver CO 1/23-24/2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Omaha NE 1/23/2016
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Nashville TN 1/30/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Kansas City MO 1/30-31/2016
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Jacksonville FL 1/31/2016
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series St. Louis MO February 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Tulsa OK February 2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Shreveport LA February 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Norfolk VA February 2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Chicago IL February 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Dayton OH 2/6/2016
JAMfest Lite Series Charleston WV 2/7/2016
JAMfest Canada Brampton ONT 2/6/2016
JAMfest Dance Super Nationals Cincinnati OH 2/13-14/2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Southaven MS 2/20/2016
The Bam JAM Birmingham AL 2/20/2016
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Poconos PA 2/21/2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Phoenix AZ 2/27/2016
Northern JAM Blackpool ENG March 2016
JAMfest Japan - Tokyo Tokyo JA March 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Baton Rouge LA March 2016
JAMfest Japan - Osaka Osaka JA March 2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Tulsa OK March 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Philadelphia PA March 2016
JAMfest Mega-JAM Series Syracuse NY 3/5/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Louisville KY 3/5-6/16
JAMfest Nationals Series Hot Springs AR 3/19-20/16
JAMfest JAM-Bash Series Kissimmee FL April 2016
JAMfest Nationals Series (formerly JAMfest Nationals - Mobile) Foley AL 4/2-3/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Las Vegas NV 4/2-3/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Richmond VA 4/16-17/2016
JAMfest Nationals Series Sevierville TN 4/16-17/2016
Six Flags Thrill JAM Springfield MA 4/23/2016 (Rain Day on 4/24/2016)
JAMfest Europe Liverpool UNK June 2016